Vault Client

Vault Client 5.1

Vault is a program for version control making your data reliable and up to date

Source Gear Vault is a program for version control. The main purpose of the Vault tool is to ensure that all of your data is reliable and up to date. All the data will be saved and stored in a SQL server database. This tool includes many improvements and now performs better than the prior version, Visual SourceSafe or VSS. Those that have experience using the prior version will have no problems getting used to the new interface, because the terms and VSS features are all included and have not been changed. New users will also quickly be able to use the interface.

There are many useful features in this software. You can use atomic check-ins to enter a related group of operations. This is much faster and it will work as a group or fail, but you will know the status. With the SourceSafe import function you can quickly and easily move all versions of your data into the Vault program repository.

Another advantage of the Vault software is that you can also access and work with it online. A HTTP connection is setup between the client and server. The information sent is compressed which reduces the network traffic and the data is protected by SSL and IIS configurations.

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  • Secure and always up to date


  • Complicated upgrade and version system
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